I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist deeply committed to helping people improve the quality of their lives and relationships. I work with couples and individuals interested in creating happier, more fulfilled lives. Through my education and life experiences I am clear that people feel better and are more successful in every way when they develop and maintain secure functioning relationships with themselves and others. My job is to help make that possible.

Since 2002, I've been helping individuals and couples thrive, collaborating with them to figure out what the problems are and how to make them better. I help people examine, evaluate and evolve beyond their limitations, fears, and circumstances and develop secure healthy relationships.

Early in my career I worked in the business finance world and despite my success, I felt unfulfilled. Knowing that I wanted to contribute to others' lives in a profound and meaningful way, I returned to school and earned my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. From there, my love of this work truly blossomed as I became involved with various mental health organizations in Santa Barbara and eventually started my own private practice specializing in couples therapy.

I believe it's my professional and ethical responsibility as a therapist to continue my development through ongoing education, clinical collaboration, and research. Psychotherapy is a dynamic practice constantly evolving as research and technology allow greater more reliable insight into our minds, bodies and spirits. I am dedicated to making use of new and relevant information and providing the best most effective therapy possible for my clients.

In 1989 I met my husband on Cinco de Mayo in Santa Barbara. The long rich arc of my own relationship is part of what grounds and inspires me as a couples therapist; I live the work I do every day. Together my sweet husband and I are raising two amazing children and I am exceptionally grateful for the family we have created. Like many, I enjoy reading, music, laughing and dancing. I'm sort of a neat freak, I love a good challenge and I have to admit, I hate tomatoes and being woken up before 6am...which happens all too frequently thanks to those two kids!